J Metro Releases Sentir Mon Amour!

Sentir Mon Amour has three leading singles, “Bodyguard”, “Magic”, and “Patience”. Originaly the six song EP would be released with out the addiiton of Bodyguard, but since its major success, it has been added giving the EP a total of seven tracks on its playlist.

J Metro has stated he is excited to release this EP many times, proclaiming that he was waiting to release the body of work since 2014. Jimmie (J Metro) Moore is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Poet based in Houston Texas. Jimmie L Moore Jr. began his musical training at the age of 5 with individual piano and voice lessons, group musicianship skills were also learned at a young age when in middle school he learned to play the trombone participating in concert and marching band as well as joined several academic and community choral ensembles.

J Metro has achieved increased levels of success with latest singles “Frosty” and “Bodyguard”. “Frosty”, released in December 2013, was honored by the Recording Arts Academy for it’s commercial success by being entered into the “Song of the Year” and “Solo Pop Performance” fields in the first round of voting consideration for the 57th Grammy awards. Bodyguard also peaked at number “12” on the R&B single sales chart!


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