#ShesGotGame Premiere Episode Review

VH1 just premiered their new reality show, She’s Got Game, in which it is all about rapper, The Game, finding love in one woman while testing out quite a few. The new show features a newly single Jayceon Taylor, whom is looking for love after he and longtime fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge didn’t make that walk down the wedding aisle and having the wedding cancelled.

Now, he is seeking out the attention of 10 ladies by the names of: Brittany Anderson, Brittany Brickner, Destinee Milian, Jennifer Acosta, Kiki Hall, Melissa Howe, Priscilla Rainey, Rebecca Silvera, Shay Malca, and Sierra Alston.

Now if you have been keeping up with the news surrounding the show, then you would know that one of the contestants, Priscilla Rainey is suing Jayceon for sexual harassment, a lawsuit worth $10 million dollars.

But to go back to the debut episode, we see the group of ladies whom Jay peeps out and gets to know on a small basis, and some making a huge impact. One of the ladies who really caught Game’s attention was the young lady by the name of Jennifer “Jen” Acosta.

Will you be watching? If you are what do you think of the show?


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