Hairfinity Vitamins Review

By I. L. Wood


So over the course of roughly 5 months, I gotten the chance to test out the highly popular and talked about miracle hair growth vitamins, Hairfinity. After doing my research and reading reviews from others, I truly was ready and convinced that these vitamins could help and be the very thing to help my hair growth from a very traumatic experience. For some women after giving birth, they experience shedding of hair and thinning of edges, so you can imagine this being my second time around I wanted to be prepared.

So ordering my bottles, I received it within a little less than a week and immediately the day after receiving I started my own journey with these vitamins. Mind you I had a protective style in my hair. With the pills, I took 2 daily as it reads for the directions, and personally for me, I started seeing results after a month and a half of using. Everything seemed exciting and great, but then I started noticing the build up of acne in places I NEVER get acne, and in general, I rarely ever get any acne, but if I did, it wasn’t on anywhere else besides my face, and tiny.

The pills definitely work, but it is a two-fold. The pills contain a high dosage of 2500 mg of Biotin (a supplement that helps the hair to grow) and it could work out for the better or worse. I loved the result that I had gotten from my trial period, but after seeing what it has done for me and to my body, I couldn’t choose beauty over the pain. The acne I received from the product truly was nerve-wrecking and painful and even having had stopped using Hairfinity a month and a half later, I am still having the acne issues.


Also of course within using any hair growth product comes the unwanted growth in different areas besides the hair on your head. My arm and leg hairs grew like weeds and it caused for constant grooming for them.

Not bashing the product at all, but in different women comes different experiences. It does work, but for my personal case it caused other unwanted problems. But if you do try it, be advised to drink your daily 8+ cups of water, also use a multivitamin to balance out the high dosage of the ingredients contained in the vitamins, and this is with any biotin/hair growth pill.

To help naturally grow your hair, you must maintain a healthy routine, Conditioner & deep condition is a must (these will be your best friend and help), use heat much less than needed (like only at max 2 times monthly), use heat protectant before blow dryings and straightening hair, moisturize, moisturize, and MOISTURIZE (this is your main best friend and will help entirely keep your hair in good shape.)


One thought on “Hairfinity Vitamins Review

  1. I’ve been thinking about trying these for a while now I’m worried because of the acne side effects!! Thank you for letting us all know xxx


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