Safaree Accused Of Cheating On Girlfriend Zashia Santiago

Wow! People just will NOT leave these two lovebirds alone! Recently, Safaree’s lady, Zashia was accused of cheating on Safaree, but quickly dismissed this and now seems that since that didn’t work, Safaree is now being accused of cheating on her.

Someone claimed they had proof of him cheating and had pictures of text conversation

Looks like someone tried to catch #Safaree slipping.. He says the texts are fake

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The scary thing is, they hacked Safaree’s phone and stole a real picture that wasn’t posted on the internet.ย He quickly dismissed these fake text messages that came out with him allegedly talking to another woman.

Next time, if you’re gonna show a conversation of someone texting, make sure the person who is the accused isn’t the one in blue (for iphone users the one who is blue and has text on the right side is usuallyย the sender instead of the received).

Nicki, Meek? Is that you?


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