Trouble On Cloud 9: Man Steps Out To Address Lisa Nicole Home Wrecking Situation

If you have been keeping up with Married To Medicine, Lisa Nicole Cloud and her husband Darren Naugles have been having issues within their marriage regarding infidelity on Darren’s part and they have worked through. This past Sunday, it was revealed through an episode some drama surrounding Darren’s infidelity once again, but with an ex employee of Lisa’s who is now an employee of Quad.

She went off on Twitter after a man claimed on Sunday night’s episode that he was sleeping with Darren. She made it clear she didn’t believe the statement and said the mystery man who approached Webb and told her he was being intimate with Darren, used to date one of her “disgruntled ex employees.”

The alleged man spoke out on instagram and decided to address things himself.

Messy, messy, messy! Hmm, most likely these things are all lies from those who are transpiring against Lisa. Who knew the medical world could be so messy??



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