Terrence Howard Wins Spousal Support War

After a long stretched out battle between Terrence Howard and his ex wife, Michelle Ghent, Howard has won the battle. A judge just tossed the spousal support agreement that Terrence says he signed under duress.

Howard and Ghent have been fighting over his spousal support payments. She was petitioning for a higher payment than the $5,800 monthly payments she was receiving, claiming since he had so much success from Empire, it shouldn’t be a problem for him.

The judge in L.A. Superior Court agreed with Howard’s side with the claims that Ghent had blackmailed him with threats of releasing naked photos and videos.The judge admonished Howard for domestic abuse allegations, saying

“Terrence Howard is a bully. Just because you’re a bully doesn’t mean you can be bullied.”

The ruling means Howard and Ghent will have to go back to family law court to work out a new agreement and potentially, Michelle could end up paying money back to Terrence.



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