NEWS/ Anna Duggar’s Brother Daniel Keller Bashes Josh Duggar

Upon Jessa Duggar posting the recent bible scripture, it caused Anna Duggar’s brother, Daniel Keller to speak out and defend his sister in wake of Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal.

In all words, he noted that his sister should leave, and that he has been trying to get “that pig” out of their family and his sister’s life.

“You have to confess and forsake your sin to have mercy. Not sin confess and repeat,” wrote Keller in reference to the Bible passage Jessa posted, which includes a line that reads, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

When someone accused him of being a “repeat offender” if he has lied more than once in his life, Keller responded, “Think for a min about the victims. Tell me how you would feel if someone cheated on your sister and brought so much disgrace to you and ur family.”

It seems that Keller is of the mindset that Josh only came clean about his actions because he got caught, because another commenter compared the Duggar scandal with another passage in the Bible. Keller continued, “Confessing and getting caught are two different things. You want to know what happens when you cover ur sin maybe you should go read ur bible instead of beating people over the head with it.”

Anna’s brother also added in the comments that he has been thinking about her nonstop and his “sick to my stomach for her for last few days.” Ana  has said after Josh’s sexual molestation scandal that she wouldn’t leave him, but she hasn’t said anything this time around…yet. Her brother wrote that he would do anything to help her get out of that marriage.

“I have told her I would pay for her to move out here w me and pay for her kidz. I don’t think josh will see that this is a big deal and be truly broken till that happens,” he wrote, and then added, “I told her I would go get her and her children stay w me. She said she’s staying where she’s at. But I won’t stop trying to get that pig out of our family.”

He does have a point, is he just sorry he gotten caught? Will he stop the disgusting acts? Because it seems since these past two incidents, he has only came out because of being exposed. How you are confessing a sin really if you yourself didn’t do it aside from being caught??


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