‘Married To Medicine’ Star Jill Connors Arrested For Domestic Violence, Files For Divorce

Things aren’t looking good in the Connors’ household as the married couple are getting a divorce. The whole drama started earlier this month on August 13th. The reality star was busted by her husband John, who had suspicions of her cheating on him and texting another man.

According to TMZ, upon him confronting her about the allegations at their home, Jill grabbed a spoon and dug into John Connors’ face, along with ripping his shirt and scratching him on his chest, and then went back into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and proceeded to cut herself on her arm, screaming “He’s cutting me!”

After John called 911, Jill confessed to everything and admitted to starting things saying, “I hit him, I started it, I know.” She still was sticking to the story of him cutting her, but the cops were skeptical of her story and kicker of it all was that her children were watching the entire thing.

She is being charged with domestic violence, and cruelty to children, since they were watching. Almost a week later on August 16th, she filed for divorce, and is asking for primary custody of the kids as well as spousal support.  And she wants their Atlanta home.  She also says John withdrew $250k from their joint account, leaving her penniless.

John won a restraining order shortly after her arrest and he got everything including the house, her car and temporary custody of their 3 kids.

So sad how things can happen.



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