Coco Austin Sheds Light On Fake Pregnancy Speculation

During the time of being pregnant, it is a very vulnerable time, so being a celebrity and pregnant is even 10 times harder to deal with. Coco Austin shared her thoughts on speculation that was currently being said about her “faking a pregnancy” and more upon being a celebrity guest.

I call myself the most unpregnant pregnant person. Now I’m six months and nothing has changed. My stomach is now a lump instead of a bump. I call it a lump because it’s not physically a bump because you have to push it out to see it.

When I posted that Instagram last week showing off my baby “lump,” I had to push out to show something because some people still don’t think I’m pregnant. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. My stomach is growing slowly.

I heard everything from “She’s not really pregnant” to “She’s faking it” to “She’s using a surrogate. That lump is fake. You have a prosthetic under” and “the ultrasound is so clear that that’s fake.” That’s the reason I took the picture was to show my stomach is healthy.

It’s more love than anything in the world so I’m not really bitching but there are people that are doubting me. Once my stomach really starts growing, they’re not going to be doubting.

Ever since the baby news, I am constantly visiting my doctor because I have an at-risk pregnancy because I am over 35 years old.

For girls that are trying to figure it out, here’s what being high-risk means. If you’re over 35, you’re automatically high-risk. They have to watch you closely because basically you’re not in your 20’s.


Coco, Instagram
They do ultrasounds, they measure your little nugget as I like to say it. They also have tons of blood tests. I’ve had a freaking blood test for everything.

For all of the girls that are scared of needles, you should be because I was one of them. I actually want to faint. I get so clammed up. That’s one of my fears. My grandmother died of a needle. I had to get over that in no time and let me tell you, you will probably be pricked more than once in one sitting. I want to bring attention to that because I didn’t realize that until I started going.

Since you are high-risk, you go through lots of blood tests to see if your child with be healthy. They check everything out. Luckily nothing came up for me, but it’s definitely something they do just to check and I think that’s good.

Girls under 35 have to ask for these tests so for girls reading this who are under 35: Ask for tests on you and the fertility of the eggs and all that good stuff because it will help you down the line.


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