#She’sGotGame Episode 4 “Game Changer” Recap

On this week’s episode of She’s Got Game, we got to see a range of things from the good of things all the way down to the bad. At the beginning of the episode, we see Jayceon taking out classy-gal Sierra on her date, and might we say she definitely dressed up (opulently might we add). After they come back from their date with the other girls, Jayceon has some news that caused an uproar with the ladies— 3 brand new girls coming into the show.

Spoiler Alerts

So after the ice broke, Jay’s besties brought in the 3 new girls, Briona Mae (22), Shyonna, and Elle (24), and the other girls were NOT feeling them at all. The following day, game chose two girls to share the day with, which he chose Briona and Brittany A. Instantly meeting Briona Mae he seemed to keep his eyes on her and take an interest.

The other girls were set up with a lunch date with the rest of the crew and shared some interesting facts about themselves. During Jayceon’s date with Brittany A and Briona, it seemed the newbie stole his attention and affection as they rode the water boat and he stole a kiss and focused more on Briona as opposed to Brittany (kinda messed up might we add). Jay sat down with Brittany to express how he felt about her, in which he said he felt she was like a homie and she isn’t checking for her makeup every 5 minutes, meanwhile when they were on the boat, Briona brought up the topic of sex.

After coming back to the mainlands, Brittany A totally had a breakdown and gotten very emotional as she cried to the other girls about what transpired at the date. Rebecca seemed to have taken the situation serious too, as she gotten upset about Jay not kissing any of the original girls as well.

Briona however, seemed unbothered, along with the other newbies. Rebecca made it an important fact to sit down with Game to show how she was feeling about him kissing Briona. Hitting the end of the episode, of course it comes down to who will be eliminated and ultimately,  Melissa didn’t make the elimination cut and was elimated for the night.


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