Rich Dollaz & Moniece Slaughter Split!

Is it all for TV or is this true feelings involved? Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Moniece Slaughter has just gotten her heartbroken from splitting with Rich Dollaz, who is part of the Love & Hip Hop NY cast. They had been going out for a while and things appeared to have gone awry recently.

The mother of Lil Fizz’s child shared her heartbreak of them parting ways and released the details that he proposed to her all the mean while of leaving her.

She first posted a tweet on Twitter expressing her feelings,

And later posted a long message on Instagram saying:

” My heart is beyond broken. It aches so deeply. To know that I’ve evoked positive change in you, yet I unknowingly evoked such pain and rage has rocked me to my core. When i thought i couldn’t love anyone else, when I convinced myself that I didn’t want marriage and a family, i found you. You made me feel like a queen. Little did i know then, me trying to convince myself that I would never want those things was me simply trying to guard my heart because I never felt worthy. And then came you. We planned forever together. And today bended knee turned into the most painful day I’ve ever experienced. I do…til death do us part I do! It’s not about the cameras, it’s about us, and I do! I just want this day back, that moment and I need it to go the way you planned, the way I dreamed it would. No tears, no pain, love, smiles, kisses, hugs and happiness! #myheart #ido #momod @richiedollaz 

It’s never fun to be dumped and broken up with. Time heals all wounds, Moniece!


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