Kendra Wilkinson Revealed That She Attempted Suicide a Couple Times As A Teenager

In a new episode of Kendra on Top that airs today, the 30-year-old says that her teenage years were very critical and filled with emotional abuse from her distant mother.

“When I was a teenager, I battled some severe depression,” Wilkinson-Baskett told her therapist, Dr. Monica Shahbaznia, in a sneak peek of the episode. “I attempted suicide a couple times. I went to a mental institution…drugs, overdosing, slitting wrists, all that stuff.”

Shahbaznia attributes the reality star’s troubled past to the behavior of her mother, who has continued to torment Wilkinson-Baskett in recent months.

“I was left on my own,” Kendra revealed. “I was a young f—ing girl. All I wanted was for my mom to say, ‘I love you, and I’m here for you.’ I never got that.”

You truly never know what others go through!


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