Tyga & Kylie Jenner Kiss On Stage

Rapper Tyga had a performance at California State University, Northridge over the weekend and decided to pull his girlfriend on stage during his performance of “Stimulated.”

Kylie on stage with Tyga at his CSUN Big Show in Northridge, last night. ❤️

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According to this fan video, the crowd went wild when the 18-year-old reality star—donning an all blue Adidas track suit and white tennis shoes—made her appearance, hugging and kissing her boyfriend as he continued to rap the song he wrote about her. After their embrace, she quickly ran off stage.

This is just one of the many cute moments for the couple who has been spending lots of time together since Kylie’s 18th birthday. After Tyga presented her with a Ferrari on her 18th, they jetted off to Mexico to vacation together. He’s always staying the night at her house (acc

Kylie’s constantly rocking a ring on that finger, and Tyga even referred to her has his “fiancée” in a video last month, but the two aren’t quite ready to settle down.

Kylie even cleared up the engagement speculation during a livestream on her website.

“He was making fun of an Instagram that he posted like 30 minutes before,” she explained. “He knew there was this guy who was on Instagram, where he found this funny little video and it’s of this guy doing an interview and he’s like, ‘I don’t like nobody. I just play with my fiancée and my little dog.'”

A source close to the family says the couple is serious but not ready to tie the knot.



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