Product Spotlight: High Quality Rolling Papers With Slow Roll Society!


Slow Roll Society is a business built around high quality rolling papers for those that love the high life. Slow Roll Society prides itself on being the best assorted quality for your needs when lacing and lining for the recreational smokers. With such a high demand for rolling papers the company will more than likely see a boom in business, since more laws continue to be passed the medicinal uses of marijuana.

Celebs now have several commodities including their own lines of rolling papers ranging from, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Shad Moss, and more. Slow Roll Society is may house some of these same brands by your favorite celeb and  continue to hold its current stock of colorful sensations. We sell all kinds of beautiful, unique & rare rolling papers from around the world. Our aim is to promote a classy aesthetic for the modern stoner.


1. what inspired you to create this business?

I never quite felt like there was a market in the “stoner community” for me. I didnt want fancy vapes, or tye dye glass pipes – I wanted a classier alternative. So I decided to try and create a old/new aesthetic for the modern stoner – Thus, Slow Roll Society was born!

2. when was your business first created?

We got started about 2 months ago. We’re still learning a TON every day.

3. Where do you see your business being in the next 5 years?

Hopefully I’ll be able to sustain off of the Society alone! I’d love for it to be not just a brand, but a whole lifestyle and experience.

4. Since new laws being passed have you seen an increase in sales?

We havent been open long enough to really comment on that, but i think its pretty obvious that the world is opening their hearts and minds to cannabis smoking in a whole new way than ever before. This “trend” is only just beginning.



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