Exclusive: Sumira Sarai| For The Love Of Lust

Bring forth your deepest fantasies and satisfy your wildest ambitions as you release your inhibitions & explore your sexual freedom with erotica that is lyrically intense in its nature. Feel revitalized with the vigor & gusto that lust can bestow upon you. Welcome to over 400 pages of pure erogenous bliss that will caress your senses. If your lust is so thirsty, then come take a sip. For The Love Of Lust, it is time for you to quench every thirst of your desire.

They say everything happens for a reason & when one door closes, another one is bound to open. Luckily for, Sumira Sarai this proved to be true. She worked tirelessly on all of her literature, as a writer your writing is never complete nor perfect. However, she honed her skills and brought forth her words to the highest state of their elevation. Once she was semi-satisfied with her work in literary arts, she took year and a half break from her writing. It was then she attended college again, but this time for welding.

As an extreme realist, she figured that a back up plan was needed. As of today all of her hard work & the gambles she took in her life have proven to be working out in her favor. Sumira Sarai, is not only a certified machinist and nearly done with her welding program, however she is releasing “For The Love Of Lust” on January 23rd 2015. According to Sumira, the author of “For The Love Of Lust” was unofficially started in 2007, and officially started in the year of 2009. Sumira
Sarai, will be more than willing to tell you that she is a writer first & a metal worker second. Presently she awaits in anticipation for the upcoming release of her book that she has worked so hard to achieve, which is one and only, “For The Love Of Lust”.


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