SOM Networks Releases Classic Kutz


Classic Kutz from SOM Networks on Vimeo.

The Documentary film creates awareness for the urban community and children who’ve been affected by foster care and more. The story of Teddy Maxwell takes place in Brunswick, Ga. where things take a turn for the worst at an early age. He accredits his struggles as what helped him to overcome the hardships of life. The Rueben Wood directed film has become the talk of Georgia, and many other states as the common issue affecting young Americans is poverty or being raised in single parent households.

About Classic Kutz:

Capturing the life of one barber and struggle of Southern Georgia to say the least, explains the life of Theodore Maxwell. Brunswick, Georgia is known for once being a ship harbor, turned island community. Also The Battle Of The Bloody Marsh took place in this same small town off its shores.

Pertaining to todays urban communities of Southern Georgia, because of poverty and living standards it is hard for many to make it to a better place of living. Classic Kutz gives clear evidence of what life has become for many, but how you can overcome it with motivation.



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