Nene Leakes Responds To Porsha Williams’ Dish Nation Comments

Porsha Williams seems to have misconstrued what Nene Leakes may have been trying to tell her to help her out as she went on air on Dish Nation to speak her mind of what was said at the RHOA Reunion. She went on air to blame Nene Leakes for the beginning downfall of her career and saying she spoke that into existence.

“I deal with energy and you have to know when someone is trying to speak a curse upon you and when someone is trying to encourage you and speak blessings into your life. And what  I felt from what was so-called a friend was trying to cast curses against my career and that I won’t have jobs and things like that. So all I have to say for that is that I will pray for people like that and I will hope to have the discernment to know who is my friend and who is not my friend,” Williams said.

She added, “And as far as my job is concerned, I have two successful companies, I just did ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ and I am on a nationally syndicated show, ‘Dish Nation,’ every single day.”

Nene took to the Bravo blog to respond to what Porsha said:
I certainly felt it was unnecessary for Porsha to say, “Didn’t you choke somebody?” I was purely trying to give her good advice out of love, as I was asked to do by Andy. I consider myself a real friend as long as you are one, and I don’t condone the B.S. I’m not the friend that’s going to lie to your face and tell you what you want to hear! I’m the friend that’s going to school you, but I’m also the friend that knows when my advice is not welcome. We all have made mistakes along the way, and we are all a work in progress at times, but I believe viewers tune in to our show for the shade and not the wrestling. Violence is wrong! Three physical fights clearly say something is wrong here. No one should laugh at, uplift, support, or encourage violent behavior.

She also posted a photo on instagram:

We will just how to see how their friendship will pan out on the next season.


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One thought on “Nene Leakes Responds To Porsha Williams’ Dish Nation Comments

  1. Nene there is always a beginning and an end kenya is pure evil hate jealousy bullying who she can Kim treated her like the nasty BITCH she is Portia reacts due to provocation kenya is the one with the problem ask her mother


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