Chris Brown Trashes Tinashe For Speaking On Kehlani Situation

Uh oh, it looks like two collaborators who were once cool, are definitely at odds. After Tinashe spoke out in an interview about the situation with Kehlani, Chris Brown had so much to say about Tinashe after she defended Kehlani. Zendaya,  and 2 of the girls from fifth Harmony had also unfollowed Chris Brown from social media after his comments.

Tinashe says that Chris Brown and her are more like associates who greet each other when they see each other. She also says that she wasn’t exactly offended by what Chris said on Instagram.

“I just kind of laughed it off,” she tells Shay Diddy. “I felt like it was just so unnecessary. I was just like, whatever.” Tinashe went on to say that she doesn’t do social media beef.

“No, why? That’s just so unnecessary. It’s petty. What’s the benefit?” Tinashe says it’s “not even worth it” to call Chris over the whole thing. “It’s not a big deal to me. I don’t think that follows on Twitter are a big deal. I have absolutely nothing against him, we’re on good terms as far as I know.

Chris THEN came back and entirely burned bridges and went off on her with the comment:

Ballerific Comment Creepin —–🌾👀🌾 #chrisbrown #commmentcreepin

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“I hope she talked about “HER” career for most of this interview “WHOISHAE” TINASHE. I hope they rehearsing for those performances  (power 106 charity basketball game halftime show) give her credit though 30 16 year old hobbit face a–. WE WANT MUSIC, WE WANT MUSIC, WE WANT MUSIC!! TEACH ME HOW TO JERK FACE A–.”

Since then, Tinashe has yet to respond to the comment Chris Brown made taunting her. But what is quite interesting in the whole thing is his obsession over Kehlani’s situation to make us wonder, what in the heck did this woman do to him? Did she have something to do with Karrueche not taking him back?

Kehlani and Karrueche are quite best friends and are often seen with each other.

Baelani 😍

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Chris really has no chill and doesn’t care to lay it on anyone. SMH.


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