Rob & Blac Chyna’s Wedding Details, Baby Plans & Kanye Speaks Out On Engagement


After Rob & Blac Chyna’s engagement, seems like things are moving quite fast. The couple are already making plans to get ready to start their own family together according to Radar Online.

Their source reveals that Blac Chyna“ has come off the pill and Rob’s not using protection.” The decision came after Rob Kardashian has been spending bonding time with Chyna’s son with Tyga, Cairo.

“Blac says seeing him with Cairo has melted her heart, she’s wanted to give him a brother or sister for the longest time,” the insider included.“It was all about finding the perfect partner, and she’s convinced Rob’s that guy.”

According to the source, they have been telling their friends about their desire to start a family together.

“They’re openly telling friends they want to get pregnant and she knows he’s going to make a great dad,” said the insider.

Rob’s sisters nor mother has yet to respond to the news of the engagement and if you ask us, that is quite shady. Given he didn’t tell them he was popping the question, they still didn’t bother to make any efforts to personally congratulate him nor wish him well via social media. However, Kanye has publicly acknowledged the engagement to TMZ and was quite happy for his brother-in-law but, he had to keep it brief on the accord of not upsetting his wife and other in laws.

When asked if he was invited to the wedding, he smiled and said, “You know what? I haven’t been invited.”

“You know, Rob is my brother,” Kanye told photographers. “I love Rob. I just roll with it. I love Rob, that’s all I can say. I love Rob.”

Kanye has always been pro Rob as he mentioned of the Kardashian and Chyna’s relationship on TLOP‘s “Highlights” song.  As for the wedding, details have came out from close sources of hers saying:

“Chyna will have at least two dresses on her wedding, both statement pieces,” a source close to Chyna says, adding that she “has an idea on who she may want to design her dresses.”

The insider continues on to say that Chyna will likely style her hair in a classic ‘do, and will probably stick to dark tones for her hair.  Her makeup will be done using her line of cosmetics.

For the actual ceremony,the pair haven’t picked a specific location quite yet, but “Chyna loves the warm weather, so the ceremony will be outside and somewhere in a warm climate,” and that Chyna wants a “big wedding with all her friends and family, and then a fun party after the ceremony.”

And when it comes to who will be her maid of honor, it is no one else other than Amber Rose! We definitely are here for #CHYRO and wish them the best on their blooming relationship!


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