Was Kylie Jenner Forced To Like Soon To Be Sister-In-Law Blac Chyna?

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have been through the toughest of tough drama between each other, but it looks like it is over for now as the two are headed to be sister-in-laws.

They both have released a cosmetic line, online cooking show, and share/d the same guy Tyga so of course there is a clashing between the two. But as of now all of this is set to the side as her older brother Rob Kardashian is dating Chyna and they are expecting a baby within their impending wedding.
But, says a source close to the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie is joining her sisters in accepting Chyna – albeit somewhat reluctantly – “for the greater good.”

“The girls were super shocked at first about the pregnancy news, especially Kylie,” the source says. “But at this time, Kylie especially was pushed to swallow her pride and support her family, even if she didn’t want to. She’s doing it for the greater good of everyone involved.”

Jenner and Chyna, 27, recently called a truce after months of squabbling. And though she may not agree with all of her brother’s decisions, they are finding peace amid this new family dynamic.

“There really isn’t anything anyone can do at this point,” added the source. “Rob and Blac are engaged and having a baby, and that’s that.”

A Keeping Up with the Kardashians source previously mentioned that some of that acceptance comes from Rob’s firm line on his love – and what the consequences will be if she isn’t embraced.

“Rob has made it clear though that this is what he wants,” the insider added. “He seems very happy. The family knows that they need to be on his side, or he will shut them out. They are really playing by Rob’s rules now.”

And though the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, 60, initially had a difficult time adjusting to the news, the insider says that now, “Kris is loving the news from a financial perspective because she sees this as an amazing media opportunity and financial gain for Rob.”

And the soon-to-be grandmother of six plans to treat Rob and Chyna’s future son or daughter just as she has the rest of her grandchildren: “The baby will be welcomed,” the KUWTK source revealed . “Just like with Kris’ other grandkids, Rob’s baby will be loved and spoiled.”


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