Justin Bieber Says He Wants To ‘Settle Down And Get Into A Relationship’

Love is definitely in the air for pop star Justin Bieber as he is now talking about getting into a relationship. After being seen with actress Nicola Peltz fans can’t help but speculate are the two dating?

A source says Justin Bieber does like her. “Justin has a crush on Nicola and really enjoyed the date with her the other night,” our insider shared. “He wants to settle down and have a relationship. He feels like something steady would be good for him.”

“He did ask her out again and they are planning on seeing each other again soon,” our source shared. “He likes that she comes from a good family and is a chill chic.”

Late last week, the “Baby” singer was spotted at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills where he enjoyed dinner with Nicola. People can recognize the beauty in films such as The Last Airbender and Transformers: Age of Extinction, along with being in Zayn Malik’s music video for “It’s You.”

While an eyewitness described Justin as being a complete “gentleman” during the evening, another source was quick to shut down any relationship rumors.

“They are not a couple, they just went on a date,” the source shared. “Justin thinks she is really pretty, though. Justin is single at this moment.”

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