Amber Heard’s Ex Partner Claims Incident Was ‘Not That Violent’

Amber Heard’s ex partner, Tasya van Ree, says Amber’s domestic violence arrest wasn’t serious because it was never that violent.

In 2009  at the Seattle International Airport Amber was arrested for allegedly grabbing and hitting Tasya’s arm. She was booked, her mug shot was taken, but ultimately the D.A. declined to prosecute.Sources close to Amber tell say both her and Tasya say Amber’s arrest was simply a “lover’s spat,” and all she did was grab onto her arm.

Tasya says she told cops she didn’t want Amber arrested, but our law enforcement sources say Tasya was upset and unsympathetic to Amber when she was cuffed and taken away. Van Ree says the cops were not even going to take action until they realized she and Amber were domestic partners. She says the cops had “mysogynistic attitudes” and appeared to be “homophobic.”

New Arrivals From Nordstrom

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