Beyonce Sued For ‘Lemonade’ Movie

Looks like someone else says they created “Lemonade” first, as they are suing Beyonce for her latest composition.  According to a filmmaker, Beyonce’s film about Jay Z’s alleged affair and not putting up with it wasn’t even her idea and also says Bey’s visual album copies a movie he made more than a year before “Lemonade” dropped.

Matthew Fulks is suing Beyonce and her record label, saying much of the “Lemonade” trailer completely rips off his 2014 short film, “Palinoia.” In the suit, he says his project also depicted a “tumultuous relationship.”

He says his complaint is regarding 39 seconds of the trailer, which has images similar to his movie. Specifically characters in front of graffiti-covered walls, red tinted images, dimly lit parking garages and closeup shots of “overgrown grass.”

Fulks also says he knows a Senior VP at Columbia Music, Bey’s label, saw “Palinoia” sometime in 2015  and thinks the exec stole his ideas for “Lemonade” which started shooting at the end of 2015. He is asking for Queen Bey and the label to pay out what is owed to him from her hit project.


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