J-Hen Talks New record “On To The Next”, and More in Interview with TGC!

Who are you targeting when you make music?

When I make music I am targeting those that like music that tells a story.

Do you think your music can impact he R&B community in a major way? If so, how?

Yes, I do. I think that because my music tells a story, that once the masses hear it, they will be able to relate it to some of their life situations.

We see your doing a show on a cruise coming up, tell us about that:

Yes, the cruise is The Love After Dark Cruise and I’m one of the featured artist. It’s being put on by my booking agent, VTM productionz and will include some great talents. The dates are going to be March 20-25, 2017. We are encouraging everyone to come join us. For more information contact my label at hipstarsent@gmail.com or booking agent, vtmproductionz@gmail.com


Have you been “On To The Next” in your own relationships?

Yes, most definitely. Lol, but I’ve always been on the victim side.

How important to you is the business side of the music industry?

The business side of the music industry is very important to me. However, most of this is taken care of by my manager (momager) who also runs HipStars Entertainment.

Has anyone spread any rumors or gossip about J-Hen yet?

Interesting question but not that I know of.

How do you define success in your own terms?

In my own terms, I define success as being able to actually say I was one of the ones that made it in the music industry.


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