Rob Kardashian Reveals How He’s Spending the Last Days of Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy

Days are drawing near and nearer to the end of Blac Chyna’s pregnancy! The first-time dad Rob Kardashian is beyond thrilled to be meeting his baby girl quite soon.

The engaged couple has taken over sister Kim Kardashian’s app with new updates about life right before baby.

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old shared that he’s busy prepping for their newest addition by hand-picking items (with Chyna, of course) for their diaper bag.  Included in the list of essential products is a $60 velvet baby blanket from Pottery Barn, hand sanitizer and sunscreen from Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, apple juice and Doritos Nacho Cheese.

In between enjoying some of their last one-on-one date nights together, Rob’s focus is fairly ranged. Taking a page out of Kim’s signature “Currently” questionnaire, Rob shared that he’s presumably calming his nerves by playing the NHL 17 video game and chowing down on French Toast Crunch cereal and lime fruit popsicles.

He’s also listening to Gucci Mane, watching Billy On the Street and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, as well as looking forward to hitting the gym for the sake of his baby girl. As Rob put it, “[I’m] wanting to get back on it now, ‘cuz our baby is here in less than a week. It’s about time for me to lose this damn weight already, LOL!”

There has been some speculation that Rob and Chyna are currently en route to have Baby Girl Kardashian as Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni flew in town and spoke of meeting her granddaughter soon.


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