Ciara Breaks Down in Tears During Children’s Hospital Visit With Hubby Russell Wilson

“What’s really cool is that he was kind of like doing more than I guess that he had been doing and he just opened his eyes and they were saying he hadn’t opened his eyes for a while so that’s pretty sweet. We both said prayer, I said a prayer for him and we did handprints and stuff that was really sweet. So really, really tough time, very special time,” Ciara continued.

“Go Wesley. Let’s all say prayers for Wesley because miracles are real and they do actually happen and prayers do change and do make a different and everybody lets pray together for Wesley.”

Wilson posted a photo of the couple with her handprint artwork next to Wesley’s bed and wrote, “Wesley is an inspiration to @Ciara & I! We even got to do arts & crafts with him @SeattleChildrens .. my hand was just a tad bit bigger!  Please pray for Wesley as they say he doesn’t have much longer to live but we are praying for a miracle!”


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