Amber Portwood Fights Farrah Abraham During the Teen Mom OG Reunion

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham got into one of the most explosive fights on Teen Mom history. 

The altercation sparked when Dr. Drew Pinsky brought up comments Farrah’s boyfriend Simon Saran allegedly made off-camera about Amber’s fiancé Matt Baier, calling him a pedophile because he’s almost 20 years older than her. Simon was going in the direction of apologizing but that gotten overlooked by Farrah making more comments saying, “Well, I’m sorry that Matt probably looks like it.”

Amber truly wasn’t having it and came onstage to confront Farrah, and things got physical.

“Just because somebody’s 20 years older than you doesn’t mean he’s a f–king pedophile,” Amber yelled while getting in Farrah’s face. “Shut your f–king mouth, do you understand me? I’m going to stand up for my man!”

Farrah began taunting Amber, telling her, “I’m right here, I’m right here,” before Amber eventually ended up swinging at her face and missing by an inch.

Farrah’s father Michael then stepped onstage to get in-between the women right as Amber’s boyfriend, Matt, came on, too. Then the two men broke into a fight, which ended with Matt shoving Michael off the stage.

As Amber continued to curse Farrah out as Farrah asked that someone call the police on the “criminals” and send them a “visit to jail” because “they’re safer in there.”

Amber lastly was escorted off stage and yelled “Shut your f–king crooked lips!”

As the episode aired last night, it was clear that the feud wasn’t over as the two exchanged shade at each other.

Watch the fight below.


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