The Kardashians’ Trademark Issue With Blac Chyna Was a ‘Mix Up’

According to TMZ, The Kardashians told Blac Chyna that their trademark issue was a “simple mix-up.”

TMZ also cites that Kim, Khloé and Kourtney reached out to their brother Chyna to clear matters up to say they were  “not singling her out,”and explain that their attorneys were following standard procedure to oppose anyone who tries to register Kardashian as a trademark.

Kris Jenner personally assured Chyna that there’s no feud and is calling off the lawyers from pursuing the issue, even though the trademark has still not been approved.

Overall, the reality stars want to straighten out the situation peacefully. “Chyna filing and using their last name takes some time and discussion,” an insider mentioned to UsWeekly. “They are hoping to resolve it amicably, the girls, because they do love Chyna. The girls are just protecting their interests because that is their brand. It’s a complicated business issue.”


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