Drake & J-Lo Continue to Get Closer As The Two Spend More Time Together

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are still stirring that rumor pot as they continue to spend more and more time together.

For Drake’s performace at the Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub, JLo was seen in attendance there. Lopez had recently canceled her own New Year’s Eve show at Miami’s E11even nightclub.

The two who arrived at Hakkasan at around 10 p.m, for dinner with a group of 40 to enjoy a meal together.

After dinner and cocktails, DraLo made their way to the nightclub at around 1 a.m., where Lopez sat incognito in a VIP booth with friends behind the stage and the DJ.

Drake performed tracks such as “Energy,” “Hotline Bling” and “Fake Love.” He also performed his and ex Rihanna’s duet “Work” before reportedly ending the song short and saying, “Alright, that was the vibe for 2016…you’ve got to give it up to my new music.”

Around 2:30 a.m, Drake and Lopez left the club together through a back door reserved for employees. She led the way as they walked while holding hands, with security officers prohibiting partygoers from taking photos of them.

According to E!, Lopez and Drake have not commented on the status of their relationship but a source mentioned last week that J.Lo is enjoying her time with Drizzy but isn’t considering him as a potential serious boyfriend, adding, “she’s having fun.”

The two sparked romance rumors in early December when he attended two of her Las Vegas concerts back-to-back and also left a West Hollywood restaurant with her.

They made headlines again last week after she posted on Instagram a photo of the two cuddling. Meanwhile, Rihanna unfollowed Lopez on Instagram.

They later fueled the romance rumors further on Thursday after they attended a fake winter wonderland-themed “prom,” during which they were crowned king and queen, dancing up on each other and shared a kiss.


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