Joely Fisher Texted With Sister Carrie Fisher Just Before Her Final Moments

Joely Fisher and Tricia Fisher sat down for the first TV interview since the deaths of half-sister Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds in which they recalled the emotional last moments and conversations with the “Star Wars” actress.

“I remember just holding her hand and telling her that we were there, that we would make sure that her daughter was whole, which she will be,” Joely told Good Morning America on Tuesday of her last moments with Carrie, who died Dec. 28 just days after suffering a heart attack on an airplane. “And then, I told her she would love how high she was right now.”

 Joely mentions that she had been texting with Carrie just before she got on the plane.

“We talked about age, ’cause she was floored that she had just turned 60. We talked about children, we talked about our frail mothers, who now, we’ve lost Debbie,” added Fisher.

When Carrie passed, Joely knew Reynolds would be right behind her.

“She kept saying that she was, she wanted more time,” said Fisher. “I knew that if Carrie wasn’t going to survive this, that Debbie would not. You knew it. You could see it in her face. She would not last without [Carrie] on the planet.”

Tricia remembered Carrie as “the coolest big sister in the world.”

“She spoke her mind and spoke her truth in, in this just bold way that, made everyone feel a little bit more comfortable about their own flaws and, felt even more interesting for having flaws,” she added.

“Is it cliché to say that she lives on in her, in her work? And we can look to the screen and we can look to the pages of her books? Perhaps,” she said, “But it’s what we have to cling to.”

 Joely, Tricia and Carrie were the all daughters of Eddie Fisher, but share different mothers. Our condolences continues to extend to their family.

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