Chris Brown Warns Soulja Boy About Mentioning His Daughter Royalty

After apologizing to the public, Soulja Boy seems to be falling back on the shady side as he brought in the children.

“Chilled with royalty and Nia tonight at Floyd’s house” he said in the tweet, referring to Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty and her mother Nia Guzman.

After catching wind of what Soulja Boy had said, Brown had a message to say back in a nice video.

IM NOT PLAYING! Krossed da line…… We gone push this fight UP!!! I promise you are [going to] regret this for the rest of ya life” he captioned the video.

To make matters worst, Royalty’s mother felt a bit shady herself and declared which team she was on and posted the picture:

Guzman did damage control and spoke her side of the situation saying:

“People love to twist a positive to a negative. For ONE… idgaf about no beef between grown a– men. I posted the same tags 12/23/2016 and it wasn’t a problem. The whole situation is none of my business. I’m not here to bash nobody or talk s–t. I have no disrespect to no one …Floyd and I are working on a project for my child and he has been sponsoring her for 3 months. I have nothing to do with anything more or anything less! God bless”


Ultimately Guzman turned her page private as a result. Brown and Soulja Boy (whose real name is Deandre Way) will be hashing things out in the ring with a celebrity boxing match.


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