Drake Allegedly ‘Falling For Jennifer Lopez’

Jennifer Lopez sources say that the singer is just “having fun” with Drake, but according to E! News, Drake seems to be growing his feelings for the Puerto Rican star.

A source says that Drake is “completely falling for J.Lo. He has always had a crush on her growing up, so the fact that this is all coming to life is pretty cool for him. He really likes her though.”

The insider adds, “They laugh and get along perfectly. The age gap is not an issue for him, because he digs an older woman. J.Lo has always been into younger men, so it’s a good combo.”

As for the seriousness of their relationship, the source shares that the pair are “taking things as slow as they could, but a relationship may be in the works between them,” and explains, “He treats her like a queen and loves her work ethic and family values. This is the first girl besides Rihanna in a while that he is really into. Drake is looking for a relationship and something solid.”

The pair, who have been spotted out and about together on numerous occasions, were most recently seen on New Year’s Eve, when J.Lo attended Drake’s show at the Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub. Lopez had recently canceled her own New Year’s Eve show at Miami’s E11even nightclub.
Lopez and Drake have not commented on the status of their relationship.


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