Popular Beauty Gurus MakeupShayla & Amrezy Fire Off On Each Other

Once best friends now turned enemies, MakeupShayla and Amra Olevic or Amrezy are letting the public know that the two of them do no mess with each other. Apparently, Shayla sent out a tweet that touched on leaving “fake friends in 2016.”

After supporters caught on of what was going on, word gotten to Amrezy and she decided to fire off on her.


In what is now a deleted tweet, the makeup artist said to Shayla: ” @MakeupShayla and can’t even even have a conversation woman to woman. Keep handling s–t messy, that’s why you won’t ever have a real friend.”

The whole feud between the two stems from last year’s drama with other beauty guru and cosmetic line CEO Jeffree Starr, who shaded Shayla after he went after her and the two gotten into a twitter argument.


Later after the incident, Amrezy tweeted out back in May 2016 “Sticking up for Shayla? @MakeupShayla is a grown a– woman who can handle her own.”

“I’m the one who kept it funky with Shayla, I told her not to start s*** with Jeffree. You did it, you got the a** whooping that you deserved. You the shadiest b*** I know, you talk s*** but can’t never back it up.”

From the looks of it, the two definitely deserve a nice sit-down to talk things out, but truly need some time to cool down first. View the video of Amrezy going off on her snapchat above.



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