Ashley Greene Won’t Be Getting Married in 2017

Ashley Greene is excited to be engaged to her now fiance, Paul Khoury. At the 2017 People’s Choice Awards in L.A. Wednesday, Greene shared how excited she was to be at the event, marking the first public appearance since the couple been engaged. “It’s exciting. This is such a fun award show to be at,” Greene told E! News. “It’s very exciting for the people, because they got to vote. I’m stoked.”

Greene was there to present the award for Favorite Action Movie Actor, which went to Robert Downey Jr. Before going inside, she was asked her beautifully sparkling engagement ring. “We knew we were going to get married, and we kind of discussed what type of ring [I liked]. I basically was like, ‘This is what I hate, so this is the way not to go.’ He’s very artistic and really romantic, so he actually flew in the diamond, then made the band, and then had someone else put it together. A lot of time and thought [went into it].”

Even though the couple gotten engaged last year, they will not be having their wedding anytime this year. “I want to enjoy the engagement, and I feel like if tried to plan a wedding before the end of this year it would just get stressful. I just don’t want it to be that at all. I’m just going to enjoy it, you know?” she said. “I know it’s coming, and then we’ll enjoy being married and that whole bit. I think this year we really want to focus on our careers and kind of starting to build our life together.”

Greene indeed definitely has a busy year ahead as she is set to appear in the DirecTV series Rogue, and has two upcoming movies, Accident Man and Antiquities.


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