Street Pound Productions Score Cover Of IAMSOM Magazine!

What are you currently working on?

LUCK: We’re currently ramping up our push of TIP’N 2 SLOW featuring Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob). And preparing our campaign for our next release…20 TWERKS featuring Shotta G.

Lo$ta: And also about to kick off our Multi-City Promo Tour.

TRONIK: Not to mention, the launch of our new 24/7, Commercial-Free, Worldwide, Digital Radio station…STREET POUND RADIO!

Do you think music for you is a hobby or a passion?

TRONIK: I think I speak for all of us when I say, definitely, a passion!

Lo$ta: YES!

LUCK: Right! Next question.

What inspired your recent releases?

Lo$ta: TIP’N 2 SLOW was inspired by a dancer in a strip club telling some clowns that was teasing and playing wit’ the moolah “Y’all fools gotta go…you Tip’n 2 Slow.”

LUCK: Yea, a few years ago while we were working for a label called G.L.U.W. entertainment out of Nashville. Promoting a single by another artist by the name of “Rip” aka “Cashvilles ACE”.

TRONIK: I think 20 TWERKS is self-explanatory (lol).

How do you think your music will change people?

TRONIK: Hopefully, in time they will see us as a serious contender and alternative to the cookie cutter artists and producers currently out.

Lo$ta: Yes, even though we introduced ourselves to the public with what some call “strip club” music…we have a variety of songs and subject matter. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and moved by what’s to come.

LUCK: Even the subject matter in TIP’N 2 SLOW, while vulgar to some, is a message well delivered and appreciated by those that provide for themselves and their loved ones off “tips”. We will consistently feed and expand our fanbase. Stay Tuned!

Do you find it hard to make it in this industry?


Lo$ta: It can be frustrating at times.

LUCK: You have to have the right combination of guidance, connections, talent, and money. It takes time to accumulate all of these. Not to mention, the industry is changing now. Its shifting from a physical to a digital product. The industry itself still hasn’t got a firm hold or understanding of it. Now instead of labels developing artists…you have to develop, market, and build a buzz for yourself in order to get their attention.

Will you all be releasing an album anytime soon?

Lo$ta: BET! You should already know!

LUCK: Fosho!

TRONIK: We will be releasing our first album this Summer or Fall.

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