Teen Mom OG Returning To MTV!

Looks like the originals is coming back! Amber, Catelynn, Farrah and Maci continue their journey on motherhood and life on Teen Mom OG as the show is returning to MTV on April 17.
For this season:

Amber begins with high hopes regarding her custody agreement with Gary — however, these feelings are short-lived when he doesn’t allow their daughter Leah to stay with her on school nights. However, Amber wants to put her differences aside with her ex with the hopes that their little girl can see them get along. The Indiana native is also working hard to launch an online clothing boutique.

Catelynn feels conflicted about becoming pregnant with Novalee’s sibling — specifically, she is worried she will suffer again from postpartum depression. Meanwhile, her husband Tyler is struggling with depression, and the mental condition ultimately puts a strain on their marriage. Tyler is also coping with his father Butch’s release from prison.

Farrah is keeping busy and opening her third business, a children’s boutique named after daughter Sophia — but conflict with her mother Debra forces the Texas resident to exclude her parent from her life. Farrah’s relationship with Simon continues to be an up-and-down cycle — and he still refuses to settle down and get engaged.

Maci and Taylor are happily settled into married life, raising Bentley, Jayde and Maverick. The Tennessean continues to co-parent with Bentley’s dad Ryan — who soon shocks everyone when he decides to propose to girlfriend Mackenzie.

Teen Mom OG returns on Monday, April 17 at 9/8c.


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