Music: Chantly Jones – I Grind

1) Who are you targeting when you make music?

The youth and the day to day workers

2) Do you think your music can impact the Hip hop community in a major way? If so, how?

Yeah definitely i think my music can impact the hip hop community because i make real songs and its not the type of music real hip hop fans wouldnt like

3) Do you have any up coming performances?

No i dont have any performances yet but they coming real soon

4) Have you been on your Grind in everyday life?

Most definitely i been on my grind in everyday life and i still am

5) How important to you is the business side of the music industry?

Its very important to know the business side u have to have ur business in order first to profit

6) Has anyone spread any rumors or gossip about Chantly Jones yet?

Im pretty sure there’s been gossip and rumors about me that comes with being a artist period

7) How do you define success in your own terms?

I define success is when u have accomplished what u needed to accomplish in ur life as a artist.


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