New Music: Yungg V – Perfect Woman

Yungg V has a new single called, “Perfect Woman” scheduled to be released on June 2, 2017. He’s currently working on a new EP.

Alabama rapper “Yungg V” born Vincent Hendricks began rapping at a young age. Yungg V felt it was impossible to make it out of his neighborhood while growing up in a single parent home. Growing up, Yungg V saw a lot and it made him think a lot. He kept a lot of things to himself and rapping was a way of venting. He started taking rap seriously in 2008 after his best friend was killed. He was in a group called “Money Bag Gang” and released a mixtape dedicated to his friend in 08-09 called “All or Nothing”. As of today, Yungg V is working on his solo project EP Album, “Just Wanna Be Great” and the first single, “Successful” is available on iTunes. His YouTube video for Successful has been viewed over 147,000 times. His song, Successful, has made it to the Semi-finals for the International Songwriting Competition as of February 2016.

Yungg V’s new single, Successful, has been on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts for six weeks and peaked at number 13 as of January 2016. As of May 7, 2016 Yungg V’s single, Successful, ft. Black Medallion is No. 181 on the DRT National Airplay Top 200 Chart, No.19 on the DRT National Airplay Top 100 Independent Chart and No. 8 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Hip Hop Chart and has remained on these charts for twelve weeks. As of May 11, 2016 Yungg V’s song, Successful has hit the European Indie Top 200 chart at No. 11.


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