SDLT- Unveils new single “Every Single Day”

Every Single Day talks about a relationship ravaged by routine. When there is a lack of motivation and dedication, the relationship will surely wither and die at some point. The slide-guitar really works with this one, sliding through the song as one would slide in, through and out of a relationship. Not a gloomy song in any way, but definitely one with a thought-provoking message that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Perhaps it can also encourage them to look within all routines in their lives and how they are affected by them.


Santino De La Tore (aka SDLT) is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, songwriter and vocalist. Santino now operates his own studio in Los Angeles where he resides. He composes and produces his solo albums as well as music for Start-up’s Apps and commercials. Santino’s compositions are regularly placed in major Hollywood Films and TV series.



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