Blow_Flyy Brings New Sound From Canada!



From time to time, an innovative yet genuine artist steps into the musical arena and totally redefines the existing norms. We believe that Canadian-born hip-hop maestro Blow_Flyy is one such artist. At a time when real and obvious lyrical talent is in short supply, Blow_Flyy’s clean, catchy inspirational rhymes prove that he is a poet and a linguistic expert worthy of recognition.

His music is about real life issues he sees going on around him and the world, and what he experiences and has experienced. also, he writes about positive things and not the usual street life that most other hiphop/rap artists raps and/or writes about and he also writes songs about having a great time and loving life along with writing songs that are positive towards women he does not caLL WOMEN ANY NEGATIVE NAME IN ANY OF HIS MUSIC as you can hear for yourself when you listen to any of his music. also, like most hiphop/rap artist whom try and rhyme every word in there rap.


BLOW_FLYY does not, where does it say or where is it written that a hiphop/rap artist must ryhme every verse or at all for that matter to have enertainer meaningful good music? What matters to BLOW_FLYY is giving music listeners & fans entertaining quality storytelling good real music, a great story that’s real or positive or just about having a great time, that the song makes sense and people, music listeners of all ages and genres can understand and enjoy regardless of what genre you always listen to BLOW_FLYY prefers to have entertaining original Beats & music behind his songwriting. that said all music listeners and fans keep an eye on this songwriter and artist.


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