New Music: Shania The Artist – Fed Up

With her new EP album “Fed Up” Shania The Artist proved once more her range is broad and captures soulful yet spicy rhythms and sounds all in one album… with the first single off the album “Watch Me” Shania The Artist wanted to speak to her audience and let them know that she likes to be classy and mix sexual appeal as well… it is possible to have beauty and brains and cross them even in an unorthodox way… after all, you can’t infect change by being just like what you’re trying to change.

Shania The Artist was born on the island of Jamaica but was raised in the United States back and forth since she was 5 yrs old so It’s no wonder why her sound is so unique. She brings a deep sultry sound mixed with an island twist never before heard. With a cross between neo soul and mainstream r&b, she has set out to prove that crossing barriers can be achieved even with a unique voice by simply mixing the right music, voice, and words.

The last talk before her mom passed in 2014 of breast cancer, keeps fueling shania to keep going… her mom told her there is something unique that can’t be explained, your music speaks volumes, don’t give that up. “even in death my loyalty don’t sway,” says Shania, “I promised my mom and i will continue to infect people with something that can change how people view the world.”


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