Noneillah Fashion Brand Turning Heads on Runway

When the fashions hit the New York Runway, recently, one brand stood head and shoulders above the rest. The Nonelliah fashion brand turned heads for the beautiful new collection. Most touching of all is the story behind the brand.

“My son and I were as one heart beating together,” stated Naomi, mother of the deceased Nonelliah CEO and owner of the Nonelliah fashion brand, Sean Cos Mason aka Sean M. The beautiful brand was “Inspired by my late son who was a talented musician, hip-hop artist son, Sean Cos Mason. Together, we were going to do it all – fashion, business partnership,…the sky was the limit. Naomi also shared with me that her only son/child was tragically killed by a negligent native Haitian bus driver operating a New Jersey bus. Not only am I continuing his fashion business and promoting his music, but I’m also on a mission to help others to raise awareness for their loved one’s injustice demise in the process, so this kind of senseless killing can be stopped once and for all. We do it in my son’s honor.”


The Nonelliah fashion styles were shown in New York Fashion week and other recent fashion shows; which include the Orange New Jersey Pre-Mother’s Day Fashion Show for senior citizens, an Egypt Fashion Show, a City Hall Sidewalk Catwalk Fashion Show and a Legacy College Charity Fundraiser Scholarship fashion show for her son’s nonprofit (DJCSF) Deshon Johnson College scholarship foundation to raise awareness for Naomi’s son and others who were killed by out of control dangerous bus drivers.

This awarding winning designer Noneillah was in few publications to help shine a light on these countless horrific act of injustice behavior by the bus drivers; such as Celebrity Fashion online magazine, Celebrity Ireport, CNN, 24 perfect, Buzzfeed, Ghana New, News 12 New Jersey, Fios News and to name a few.
This year’s Nonelliah fashion is mostly about earth tones. The up-and-coming Noneillah Collection was showcased at New York Fashion Week for Walk Fashion.

Alongside many other talented fashion designers, Naomi represented her line of fashion and her deceased son’s cause as well. It is a diverse line that is a clever mixture of sexy, sporty, classy and inspiring – all in one bundle.

Sean Cos Mason was the creative inspiration behind the fashion brand. He was also the CEO, singer, songwriter, lyricist, digital designer, college student, music engineer, t-shirt designer, entrepreneur and so much more.

The models took the stage with the collection by Noneillah with the earth tone colors for the son and also with his and hers matching ensembles. Women’s matching glamour hats graced the females. The prints sported music notes and elegant black outfits.

The inspiring music and the unique fashion of Sean Cos Mason meet as one to raise awareness about the young man’s life that was tragically taken in vain so early and also for his injustice. The legacy of Mason will live on in his fashion, music, and the DJCSF scholarships and in the hearts of the many people he has touched and continued to touch even in his absence.

To find out more about the Nonelliah fashion brand and the in-depth story of a loving and heartbroken mother with a mission, visit the HYPERLINK  “


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