[Music] J Metro – Graffiti The Lost Art Gets Considered For Grammy Nomination

J Metro does it again with his latest release Graffiti The Lost Art! The album has put the R&B artist in line to get a Grammy nomination in the 2018 award ceremonies. The Rhythmic and soulful sounds of the Houstonian has been catching the attention of listeners and press all of 2017.

Leading single from the album, Groove has been a staple in pushing forward the career of J Metro. The single peaked over 1 million streams on the soundcloud platform and continues to rise on Spotify.

What’s impressive about this record, what is always impressive with J Metro, is the space between the instruments, the restraint, the way every flourish, swell and riff seems to be more streamlined down to its smallest possible size while being given lavish enough production to make it sound like the perfect backdrop to the main instrument – his voice – which touches the listener with sensual tones and a falsetto that can devastate.

His voice on “Groove” is a technical marvel, but delivered with feeling that never comes across as being showy. It’s a new sound but it’s the same old J Metro, an artist who would rather blaze his own paths than travel well-worn roads.

J Metro is a crooner with style, soul, originality, exclusive concepts, and impeccable writing skills. This young star has so many accolades to date. Poetry is something that comes natural to him. Playing instruments came to him natural at an early age. Everything about this artist shows that he was born to do music.

We are currently asking all voting members to support the project by voting, and others can purchase their copies here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/graffiti-the-lost-art/i…


DJ Skyscream Releases New Album The Rise


Toronto’s DJ/Producer Skyscream’s debut album The Rise is an album with a Trap/Electronic atmosphere with heavy 808’s and baselines Something truly special and unique. Follow the up and coming Dj/Producer Skyscream from Toronto. The album available everywhere follow Skyscream on twitter follow Skyscream on Instagram & Facebook https://www.facebook.com/djskyscream/
David Singh also known as DJ Skyscream is a Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae DJ and producer. Music can be found on ITunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google play & more under Skyscream.

QT Jazz – Let You Finish

QT Jazz releases new visuals to latest song “Let You Finish”! Be sure to purchase her new Album the B Side on all major digital outlets today!

Jasmine Robinson known worldwide as QT Jazz, started her career about the same time that she started talking. As a young child, she loved to act, sing and dance and it was evident by age three that she loved the camera. Having worked with and opened for multi-talented entertainers such as Neyo, Monica, and Lil Wayne with appearances on Own “Green Leaf”, We TV “Tamar and Vince”, Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse” and VH1’s “Family Hustle” to name a few has prepared Jasmine for a career with unlimited boundaries.

Jazz also just ushered in a new chapter to her life turning the big 22!

QT Jazz Releases She Can Ask Me Music Video!

Jasmine Robinson known worldwide as QT Jazz, started her career about the same time that she started talking. As a young child, she loved to act, sing and dance and it was evident by age three that she loved the camera. Having worked with and opened for multi-talented entertainers such as Neyo, Monica, and Lil Wayne with appearances on We TV “Tamar and Vince”, Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse” and VH1’s “Family Hustle” has prepared Jasmine for a career with unlimited boundaries.

Iggy Azalea Reveals Collaboration with Former Rival Azealia Banks

28-year-old Iggy Azalea revealed that she and Azealia Banks have ended their feud and have collaborated for Iggy’s upcoming album Digital Distortion.

“Public service announcement. Azealia is going to be on DD. We are collaborating. Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for release day.”

Iggy posted a note on social media saying she wanted to get past all the hate: “I just want to say FYI; re A. Banks. Call me crazy but girl; I don’t hate you. I don’t know you to hate you.”

She continued, “I believe you may want to meet me in person so you can steal a lock of my hair and cast a spell hoping I die (lol) I don’t agree with many of your opinions but honestly, at times I empathize with you as a creative Gemini woman. I wish you had spoken to me before deciding I was out to get you when we first came on the scene, but that’s also typical Gemini reaction s–t (I get it). As a 27 year old adult woman just know: I wish you well from one human to another and joke collaboration or not as adults we should move past trivial beef with strangers.”

In response to Iggy’s statement, Azealia spoke with XXL about her desire to have an open discussion with the pop star.

She told the mag,”I think a true reconciliation can happen once there is some acknowledgment of what hip-hop has been trying to tell her. I still don’t think she quite understands the effect her racial privilege and the socio-economic leverage that comes with it has on a marginalized group of women’s culture.”

Azealia said, “Race aside, this is also a women’s issue. I hope that there will be a chance for us to have an open discussion about this, as I feel America and the world could really benefit from some candid discourse between two public figures about the world’s biggest sickness: racism. I wish for women of the future to be able to refer to this moment in women’s culture as an example of what can happen when people take time to understand.”

Iggy assured naysayers of her decision saying, “If you cant understand my desire to turn YEARS worth of negativity into a positive interaction then that’s your loss my dear. peace!”

She added, “I don’t expect you guys to understand why i would collaborate with someone who has publicly said they hope I die.”

The Australian continued to defend her decision, “This has been something extremely negative for so long, if there is a way to make it positive and also be creative together, I’m here for it.”

Exclusive: The Verce On New Record Matt McConaughey

The Verce, short for Verce-a-tile, began his recording career in Atlanta, GA. The Verce started by following the southern trend of distinctive hip-hop, and has since stepped out to write and perform truly versatile songs from productions that illuminate electronic hip-hop; from the studio to the stage. The Verce’s stage show is awe inspiring as he exposes his soul by mixing his sound with classic vibrant onstage colors and laser sharp lights, creating his unique electronic hip hop performance.

Kontoure caught up with Verce to talk about his music and his start:

1. What inspires you to do music?

The ability to create an emotion and connect with a person through songs are what inspire me to do music.

2. What are you currently working on?

I just dropped a new video titled “Matt McConaughey that releases July 1st. Unfortunately I am dealing with alot of backlash because of the single cover art I used for that video. But hey any publicity is good publicity. ha ha ha I am also working on another video titled “Geeked” that drops in August. We have a new label Fkn Muzik and are currently signing new artist. I’m also releasing 3 new singles this summer and preparing for my college tour this fall.

3. How do you feel the current state of the entertainment industry?

Honestly I am really not sure how to feel about the industry. I mean the artist out today are really talented but the structure of how music is released is flawed. The entertainment industry is primarily set up to release quick hits and doesn’t allow time to learn more about the artist. The music doesn’t represent a voice of a region or the story of the musician anymore. Because of this everyone has the same sound, same look etc. Hopefully the industry will find a solution to promote more creativity.

4. Where do you see your career taking you?

Honestly I try not to map it out to much. I am doing a lot of writing for other artist. Me and my business partner are venturing out into short films and received our own distribution deal. We have a few more business ventures but I am not at liberty to say at this time.

5. How long have you been doing music?

Too long. Officially about 7 years but I have been interested in music since I was 3.

Blow_Flyy Brings New Sound From Canada!



From time to time, an innovative yet genuine artist steps into the musical arena and totally redefines the existing norms. We believe that Canadian-born hip-hop maestro Blow_Flyy is one such artist. At a time when real and obvious lyrical talent is in short supply, Blow_Flyy’s clean, catchy inspirational rhymes prove that he is a poet and a linguistic expert worthy of recognition.

His music is about real life issues he sees going on around him and the world, and what he experiences and has experienced. also, he writes about positive things and not the usual street life that most other hiphop/rap artists raps and/or writes about and he also writes songs about having a great time and loving life along with writing songs that are positive towards women he does not caLL WOMEN ANY NEGATIVE NAME IN ANY OF HIS MUSIC as you can hear for yourself when you listen to any of his music. also, like most hiphop/rap artist whom try and rhyme every word in there rap.


BLOW_FLYY does not, where does it say or where is it written that a hiphop/rap artist must ryhme every verse or at all for that matter to have enertainer meaningful good music? What matters to BLOW_FLYY is giving music listeners & fans entertaining quality storytelling good real music, a great story that’s real or positive or just about having a great time, that the song makes sense and people, music listeners of all ages and genres can understand and enjoy regardless of what genre you always listen to BLOW_FLYY prefers to have entertaining original Beats & music behind his songwriting. that said all music listeners and fans keep an eye on this songwriter and artist.

SDLT- Unveils new single “Every Single Day”

Every Single Day talks about a relationship ravaged by routine. When there is a lack of motivation and dedication, the relationship will surely wither and die at some point. The slide-guitar really works with this one, sliding through the song as one would slide in, through and out of a relationship. Not a gloomy song in any way, but definitely one with a thought-provoking message that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Perhaps it can also encourage them to look within all routines in their lives and how they are affected by them.


Santino De La Tore (aka SDLT) is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, songwriter and vocalist. Santino now operates his own studio in Los Angeles where he resides. He composes and produces his solo albums as well as music for Start-up’s Apps and commercials. Santino’s compositions are regularly placed in major Hollywood Films and TV series.


New Music: Yungg V – Perfect Woman

Yungg V has a new single called, “Perfect Woman” scheduled to be released on June 2, 2017. He’s currently working on a new EP.

Alabama rapper “Yungg V” born Vincent Hendricks began rapping at a young age. Yungg V felt it was impossible to make it out of his neighborhood while growing up in a single parent home. Growing up, Yungg V saw a lot and it made him think a lot. He kept a lot of things to himself and rapping was a way of venting. He started taking rap seriously in 2008 after his best friend was killed. He was in a group called “Money Bag Gang” and released a mixtape dedicated to his friend in 08-09 called “All or Nothing”. As of today, Yungg V is working on his solo project EP Album, “Just Wanna Be Great” and the first single, “Successful” is available on iTunes. His YouTube video for Successful has been viewed over 147,000 times. His song, Successful, has made it to the Semi-finals for the International Songwriting Competition as of February 2016.

Yungg V’s new single, Successful, has been on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts for six weeks and peaked at number 13 as of January 2016. As of May 7, 2016 Yungg V’s single, Successful, ft. Black Medallion is No. 181 on the DRT National Airplay Top 200 Chart, No.19 on the DRT National Airplay Top 100 Independent Chart and No. 8 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Hip Hop Chart and has remained on these charts for twelve weeks. As of May 11, 2016 Yungg V’s song, Successful has hit the European Indie Top 200 chart at No. 11.

Landon – Infinity

Landon is an R&B singer/song-writer from the small town Hahnville, outside of New Orleans, LA. He’s currently writing with local artists, but it’s his own voice & original music that reflects the raw, vulnerable emotion of this generation. Lead vocalist and poet of New Orleans’ own Tank and the Bangas shares that Landon is “one of the best kept secrets of New Orleans”

His signature sounds can be captured in the upcoming debut independent album, Feeling Some Kinda Way (FSKW). His first single from the project, “Infinity”, is a heavy pop ballad with a R&B twist and hip hop percussions that tells the story of the relationship you long for, but never happens. Landon showcases his organic songwriting skills in the vulnerable lyrics and modern soul vocals on the fall 2017 release. FSKW will be available everywhere digital music is sold including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.