Remembering Music artist Sean Cos Mason!

Sean Cos Mason aka Sean M is an underground hip-hop artist and poet from Montclair, NJ. Primarily born and raised in a single mother middle class artistic community, Sean Cos Mason grew up with music as his focal point of comfort, with writing as his therapy. Cos started writing poetry as a child, but later became intrigued by cipher sessions with his group Ice Grill, he would do rap battling in school cafeterias in her early teens. He eventually learned to interchange poetry stanzas for rap bars and found pleasure in both spoken word and cipher rapping. His influences include Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Eminem and R Kelly, Bone Thugs & Harmony just to mention a few.


Cos’s goal with his upcoming “My World” [EP] is to display his verbal skill-set on various topics not typically discussed in mainstream hip-hop, issues such as being raised by a single mother, relationship, being abandon by his father and his mother tragic accident caused by Bloomfield police officer chasing a stolen car; which laid his mother to become disable. “My World” a mixture of club, a relationship that is a laid-back hip-hop sanguine of despair and hope, laced with intense bars about father abandonment and heartbreak, featuring local underground rappers. “ This accomplished rapper has a perfected flow and a strong rapping vocabulary so you don’t know what to expect from the rapper. These characteristics are what I personally look for in a rapper. Rapper’s with a dynamic and changing flow that isn’t predictable with their word play create a strong and powerful track to best present their ideas through music. This track is perfected and deserves your listen today. You can do so here: My World” EP was released  March 5th on his birthday.

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Boris Jelic Releases New Single “Freedom” From EP “Do Or Die”

Boris Jelic is a swedish rebel in the music industry. He’s been called to intense and vulguar by the record companies but that hasn’t stopped him from pushing the boundaries even more. Always writing from his own life experiences and is maybe a little too honest in his lyrics.

His new EP ”Do Or Die” will come out later this summer with singles like ”Freedom” & ”Not Afraid To Die”, but a new single is already on the way. Don’t miss a beat!

Boris plans to break barriers and make a name for himself while doing so. Bring in today’s music industry can be hard, so be sure to support rising talent as much as possible!

Spotify Links:


”Not Afraid To Die”

New Music: Shania The Artist – Fed Up

With her new EP album “Fed Up” Shania The Artist proved once more her range is broad and captures soulful yet spicy rhythms and sounds all in one album… with the first single off the album “Watch Me” Shania The Artist wanted to speak to her audience and let them know that she likes to be classy and mix sexual appeal as well… it is possible to have beauty and brains and cross them even in an unorthodox way… after all, you can’t infect change by being just like what you’re trying to change.

Shania The Artist was born on the island of Jamaica but was raised in the United States back and forth since she was 5 yrs old so It’s no wonder why her sound is so unique. She brings a deep sultry sound mixed with an island twist never before heard. With a cross between neo soul and mainstream r&b, she has set out to prove that crossing barriers can be achieved even with a unique voice by simply mixing the right music, voice, and words.

The last talk before her mom passed in 2014 of breast cancer, keeps fueling shania to keep going… her mom told her there is something unique that can’t be explained, your music speaks volumes, don’t give that up. “even in death my loyalty don’t sway,” says Shania, “I promised my mom and i will continue to infect people with something that can change how people view the world.”

Young Jay ft Steezo – Drama Season Pt. II

Upcoming San Bernardino hip hop artist Young Jay has been working hard lately. Recently surpassing 10 million Streams on SoundCloud, the rapper sets out to build his first official marketing company “Drama Co.”

With the help of his Drama Squad label mates Steezo, and Eljahn Johnson he aims to have the best marketing/management agency in the country. Young Jay has recently been extended an invitation to the Independent Music Awards on March 30-31 although he hasn’t secured a nomination. The rapper should be up for an IMA soon due to his newest song “Cant Trust A Soul” doing so well.

The single is currently #29 on the Urban radio charts and it’s still moving. Young Jay has also recently signed a big distribution contract with American businessman and author Steve Stoute’s new label UnitedMasters. Stay tuned for the release of Young Jays debut single release !

[WATCH] J-Hen – Gypsy Girl

The latest visuals coming from R&B artist J-Hen come in the form of Gypsy Girl! Have you ever met someone that made you feel kinda strange? J-Hen’s single, “Gypsy Girl”, tells the story of a mysterious girl he met when his car broke down. Only to wake up and realize it was all a dream! That’s what happens to J-Hen in this new dope visual from Jeff Adair!

[STREAM] Sy Ft. Rueben Wood – Get Out Of My Dreams

“Get Out Of My Dreams” sheds light on a relationship of want and lust, as many cases prove to be, when a person is already committed but finds him or herself in want and need of someone else. With a play on words, and sounds that set the vibe for an earful of powerful lyrics; the song will definitely take you on a journey.

Unlike your typical relationship song, Sy explains her reasoning for potentially wanting to be rid of the dreams unless they become reality. Mixed signals and thought provoking feelings create an ambient feeling for the listener.

New Music: Riya J – Dear R&B

Riya J Singer/Songwriter (pronounced Rye*ya) meaning “Singer” in hindu. MaRiya Jenkins born & raised a native of Gary Indiana, a city that produced the King Of Pop Michael Jackson, sister Janet Jackson, and numerous music legends such as Denise Williams & many more. Riya J pursued her passion for both writing & performing at a very early age. Becoming the first female (self taught) drummer for her church Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church which broadcast live most of her childhood.


She also performed her first singing solo at the age of 5 in front of a congregation of 2500. Riya J, influenced by all genres of music with her Pastor/Father being a gospel singer, she molded her sound in appreciating R&B, NeoSoul, Jazz, Gospel, and Blues. She wrote & performed her first original song in church at the age of 10. Having traveled practically all 50 states in the US by the age of 5, Riya J experienced a great deal. Her Love & Passion for people fueled her phenomenal lyrical pen. She writes with a PASSION & SOULFULNESS far Beyond Her Years. For the next generation to come, Riya J has a Phenomenal gift to offer the world!!

“I want my music to be able to make you feel SOMETHING, we all have a song to sing regardless the situation and music is the perfect antidote”.

-Riya J

Chris Martines feat. Lachi – Breaks My Heart

Germany Producer Chris Martines has just released a stellar, animated lyric video to EDM/Pop single Breaks My Heart featuring the vocals of Pop artist and songwriter Lachi. The breakup song, with hints of R&B and Future Bass, can be found on Martines’s debut album, Fairy Tale, an album well received by the Spotify community.

Lachi, currently signed with Big Management Publishing, has featured on with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Styles P among others. Her powerful vocals match seamlessly with the Martines’s heavy drops.

Chris Martines is proving himself to be a best kept secret, this producer is on an obvious path to major waves. @chrismartinesmusic @lachimusic

[Music] J Metro – Graffiti The Lost Art Gets Considered For Grammy Nomination

J Metro does it again with his latest release Graffiti The Lost Art! The album has put the R&B artist in line to get a Grammy nomination in the 2018 award ceremonies. The Rhythmic and soulful sounds of the Houstonian has been catching the attention of listeners and press all of 2017.

Leading single from the album, Groove has been a staple in pushing forward the career of J Metro. The single peaked over 1 million streams on the soundcloud platform and continues to rise on Spotify.

What’s impressive about this record, what is always impressive with J Metro, is the space between the instruments, the restraint, the way every flourish, swell and riff seems to be more streamlined down to its smallest possible size while being given lavish enough production to make it sound like the perfect backdrop to the main instrument – his voice – which touches the listener with sensual tones and a falsetto that can devastate.

His voice on “Groove” is a technical marvel, but delivered with feeling that never comes across as being showy. It’s a new sound but it’s the same old J Metro, an artist who would rather blaze his own paths than travel well-worn roads.

J Metro is a crooner with style, soul, originality, exclusive concepts, and impeccable writing skills. This young star has so many accolades to date. Poetry is something that comes natural to him. Playing instruments came to him natural at an early age. Everything about this artist shows that he was born to do music.

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DJ Skyscream Releases New Album The Rise


Toronto’s DJ/Producer Skyscream’s debut album The Rise is an album with a Trap/Electronic atmosphere with heavy 808’s and baselines Something truly special and unique. Follow the up and coming Dj/Producer Skyscream from Toronto. The album available everywhere follow Skyscream on twitter follow Skyscream on Instagram & Facebook
David Singh also known as DJ Skyscream is a Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae DJ and producer. Music can be found on ITunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google play & more under Skyscream.