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Jimmie (J Metro) Moore is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Poet based in Houston Texas. Jimmie L Moore Jr. began his musical training at the age of 5 with individual piano and voice lessons, group musicianship skills were also learned at a young age when in middle school he learned to play the trombone participating in concert and marching band as well as joined several academic and community choral ensembles. Jimmie Moore received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition with primary instruments in Piano performance and Vocal Performance from Morehouse College.


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Music: Chantly Jones – I Grind

1) Who are you targeting when you make music?

The youth and the day to day workers

2) Do you think your music can impact the Hip hop community in a major way? If so, how?

Yeah definitely i think my music can impact the hip hop community because i make real songs and its not the type of music real hip hop fans wouldnt like

3) Do you have any up coming performances?

No i dont have any performances yet but they coming real soon

4) Have you been on your Grind in everyday life?

Most definitely i been on my grind in everyday life and i still am

5) How important to you is the business side of the music industry?

Its very important to know the business side u have to have ur business in order first to profit

6) Has anyone spread any rumors or gossip about Chantly Jones yet?

Im pretty sure there’s been gossip and rumors about me that comes with being a artist period

7) How do you define success in your own terms?

I define success is when u have accomplished what u needed to accomplish in ur life as a artist.

Street Pound Productions Score Cover Of IAMSOM Magazine!

What are you currently working on?

LUCK: We’re currently ramping up our push of TIP’N 2 SLOW featuring Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob). And preparing our campaign for our next release…20 TWERKS featuring Shotta G.

Lo$ta: And also about to kick off our Multi-City Promo Tour.

TRONIK: Not to mention, the launch of our new 24/7, Commercial-Free, Worldwide, Digital Radio station…STREET POUND RADIO!

Do you think music for you is a hobby or a passion?

TRONIK: I think I speak for all of us when I say, definitely, a passion!

Lo$ta: YES!

LUCK: Right! Next question.

What inspired your recent releases?

Lo$ta: TIP’N 2 SLOW was inspired by a dancer in a strip club telling some clowns that was teasing and playing wit’ the moolah “Y’all fools gotta go…you Tip’n 2 Slow.”

LUCK: Yea, a few years ago while we were working for a label called G.L.U.W. entertainment out of Nashville. Promoting a single by another artist by the name of “Rip” aka “Cashvilles ACE”.

TRONIK: I think 20 TWERKS is self-explanatory (lol).

How do you think your music will change people?

TRONIK: Hopefully, in time they will see us as a serious contender and alternative to the cookie cutter artists and producers currently out.

Lo$ta: Yes, even though we introduced ourselves to the public with what some call “strip club” music…we have a variety of songs and subject matter. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and moved by what’s to come.

LUCK: Even the subject matter in TIP’N 2 SLOW, while vulgar to some, is a message well delivered and appreciated by those that provide for themselves and their loved ones off “tips”. We will consistently feed and expand our fanbase. Stay Tuned!

Do you find it hard to make it in this industry?


Lo$ta: It can be frustrating at times.

LUCK: You have to have the right combination of guidance, connections, talent, and money. It takes time to accumulate all of these. Not to mention, the industry is changing now. Its shifting from a physical to a digital product. The industry itself still hasn’t got a firm hold or understanding of it. Now instead of labels developing artists…you have to develop, market, and build a buzz for yourself in order to get their attention.

Will you all be releasing an album anytime soon?

Lo$ta: BET! You should already know!

LUCK: Fosho!

TRONIK: We will be releasing our first album this Summer or Fall.

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J-Hen Talks New record “On To The Next”, and More in Interview with TGC!

Who are you targeting when you make music?

When I make music I am targeting those that like music that tells a story.

Do you think your music can impact he R&B community in a major way? If so, how?

Yes, I do. I think that because my music tells a story, that once the masses hear it, they will be able to relate it to some of their life situations.

We see your doing a show on a cruise coming up, tell us about that:

Yes, the cruise is The Love After Dark Cruise and I’m one of the featured artist. It’s being put on by my booking agent, VTM productionz and will include some great talents. The dates are going to be March 20-25, 2017. We are encouraging everyone to come join us. For more information contact my label at or booking agent,


Have you been “On To The Next” in your own relationships?

Yes, most definitely. Lol, but I’ve always been on the victim side.

How important to you is the business side of the music industry?

The business side of the music industry is very important to me. However, most of this is taken care of by my manager (momager) who also runs HipStars Entertainment.

Has anyone spread any rumors or gossip about J-Hen yet?

Interesting question but not that I know of.

How do you define success in your own terms?

In my own terms, I define success as being able to actually say I was one of the ones that made it in the music industry.

Post Death Soundtrack – The Unlearning Curve

Now after a 3 year hiatus, Post Death Soundtrack is back with The Unlearning Curve. The latest 9 track collection is an eclectic narrative about dropping concepts, healing and venturing into the unknown. Equal parts Alice in Wonderland, J. Krishnamurti and dream language, The Unlearning Curve pulls as much from psych era Beatles and David Bowie as it does from modern industrial rock. The record was recorded at a number of studios, primarily in Vancouver. It was mastered at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver and the album cover is an original painting by Toronto artist Kayla Aileen Brown.

Have You Heard Of 14 Year Old Sensation Sophia Daniz?

A 14-years old songwriter and performer, Sophia becomes more and more popular thanks to her tender voice and unique musical talents.

Sophia is only 14, but she is already a star thanks to her extraordinary music gifts and her youthful eagerness to prove herself to the world. Her hard work gave results and now she is viewed by music experts as an emerging artist with her own unique style and sound. Her album, Day Dreaming, is gaining popularity in iTunes.

While she’s so young, she understands the importance of finding her own way, her own unique sound and message as a recording artist. It is important for her to be Sophia, the first, not anyone else. I throw a song at her to play on piano and by the next week, not only has she gotten what I taught her down, she’s added her own new notes and rhythms. In the recording studio, she brings her own specific perspective on sounds and feel to the production. Sophia writes naturally catchy hooks on her own and is developing her songwriting skills day by day. She is, in my opinion, someone to watch out for in terms of becoming a creative contributor to the music industry. She’s not afraid of the gigs, the people, the rejection, the time or the work.

Em Soto Inks Distribution Deal With Sony And Releases “Drift & Swerve”!

Em Soto recently inked his distribution deal with The Orchard, a Sony Music Entertainment company known for distributing independent and major artist. Coming to the roster, Soto brings his label IV Entertainment and new single “Drift & Swerve”.

Recently making headlines with his new single, Em Soto plans to release an EP in the near future under the Sony umbrella. The joint venture entails distribution of his music to all major digital outlets and licensing, which has been a major key in helping other acts receive a good break in the entertainment industry.

Em Soto is an American Hip Hop artist and record producer from Brooklyn, NY. Soto created his own label IV Entertainment in 2013 being the front line artist and producer alongside J. Gordon, and label co owner G-Lyves, going on to form a group known asThe Hafwayz. After the label was created Em Soto was featured on various mixtapes with Styles P (Of The Lox) , Raekwon (Of Wu-Tang), Rappin 4 Tay, Thirstin Howl III, and more.


press release pic 1

Growing up it is mentioned that Soto listened to artist such as Jay-Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., A.Z., and more notable acts from that era of Hip Hop music. From his involvement in sports throughout life he still found time to dedicate some of his time to writing. After high school and a semester of college, he decided to enlist in the military where he would go on a hiatus from writing music. After coming out of the military, Em decided to pick back up on his writing skills and took a more serious approach to his music by enrolling in a music production and audio recording program at a local college.

His earlier life was spent learning life lessons from his grandmother who raised him. No doubt, with his upbringing, this is where his love of poetry and writing developed. Because of this love for writing and the popularity of Hip Hop from his peers, Em was influenced to tailor his writing to the style of hip hop and word play which became known as bars.

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Exclusive: J Metro “Mercy Merci”

Starting off 2016, J Metro has been doing a slew of shows and performances. The new record written by J Metro will soon be his ninth billboard charting record to date!

The newly released record “Mercy Merci”, has already been making noise on airwaves and will soon have a video release. A true R&B record, the new single elaborates on a relationship controlled by want and need of acceptance. “Who Do you Think you are?” Just one of the phrases from the new song, that invoke emotion to the listeners ears.